26TH-28TH March 2013, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur


Standing Proud and Tall Among Giants


“The 14th REAAA Conference 2013” which was held recently in collaboration with the annual International Construction Week 2013 (ICW 2013) can be considered as the ‘Olympic’ of the Malaysian and International road engineering industry. The 3 days conference and exhibition which carries the theme “The Road Factor in Economic Transformation”, enables key road industry players such as engineers, contractors, consultants, lecturers and students, both from local and overseas to meet up, collaborate, learn and share their knowledge and experiences on the wide spectrum of road engineering, construction, design, innovations, state of the art technologies, maintenance and finance. To say the least this gargantuan congregation of road specialists commanded local and overseas delegates amounting to more than the targeted 1,000 delegates, speakers and presenters. It was a conference for those who had contributed to their country’s nation building in the field of civil engineering.

The pinnacle of the 14th REAAA Conference 2013 was during the Opening Ceremony in which the Works Minister, represented by the Deputy Works Minister, Dato’ Yong Khoon Seng stated significantly that in the context of the 10th Malaysia Plan, a total of RM230 billion has been planned to be allocated to execute the Government’s development plan in which RM138 billion or 60% from the total allocation will be utilized for physical infrastructure development. Conversely, this entire exercise will translate to a forecasted growth rate of 3.7% in the construction sector.

In addition, the Works Minister also reiterated the fact that to preserve our environment, road designs will incorporate elements of sustainability by using new and innovative road engineering technologies. This was clearly emphasized when Works Minister said that among the strategies that will be adapted is to promote the use of recyclable materials such as Cold In-Place Recycling (CIPR) and Hot In-Place Recycling (HIPR) for asphalt pavement rehabilitation.

We, Protasco Berhad are very much strategically prepared for this innovative approach to road rehabilitation and repairs. Our company having had existed over 19 years collectively have a competitive edge and advantage of operating the largest fleet of machinery, an impeccable track record of past recycling projects, in addition to an extremely robust knowledgeable management and manpower capable of delivering the best product in road construction and maintenance.

As we were also one of the sponsors to the Conference, we took this golden opportunity to brand ourselves appropriately for the first time with our new designed exhibition booth under the banner of Protasco Berhad. Led by En. Abdul Halim Abd Rahman, the Special Functions Manager of Roadcare, our team comprising of selected personnel from the key entities in the Group, such as Kumpulan Ikram, HCM Engineering, Roadcare and Protasco Trading had showcased our expertise, niche services and road maintenance products as well as distributing marketing collaterals such as company profiles, product brochures and flyers, factual sheets on Cold In-Place Recycling (CIPR), Hot In-Place Recycling (HIPR) and Chipmix. Besides that, visitors and guests were encouraged to explore further on our expertise in the recycling technology, company profiles, products and projects by utilising our “touch screen monitor”. Awaiting visitors to our exhibition booth are premium and give away items given out as souvenirs for actively involved in enquiring our services and products.

Being in the right time and place, we had the greatest opportunity and access to the most perfect targeted marketing audience that is Government Officials from various Departments and Agencies, Competitors, Suppliers, Vendors, students from Universities and technical schools and of course our existing Clients and potential new Clients. The response from visitors and enquiries were encouraging and we had created an insatiable knowledge demand to know more about the recycling technologies, pavement patching product, the Ultracrete and the engineering services which our company provides.

We believe that PROTASCO BERHAD had assisted and contributed tremendously towards the success of the 14th REAAA Conference 2013 and we look forward to participate actively in future national and international conferences and related events. Until then we wish to thank each and every staff involved in the preparation, setting-up and manning the Company’s exhibition booth and the very best in their endeavours.