BTEC ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN OIL AND GAS (OPERATIONS TECHNICIAN) in Four (4) major disciplines – Mechanical, electrical, Process and Instrumentation that we are offering is a career-based qualification designed to equip students with the specific skills and competencies in a real working environment. Students will be job ready when they qualified in the sector they are trained in.

BTEC Advanced Diploma in Oil & Gas (Operations Technician) are in high demand as the growing Oil and Gas industry within the region requires highly trained skilled workforce to meet industry’s standard of practices.

Students meeting the entry requirements shall be subject for entry interviews and assessment prior to acceptance for entry test. Thereafter, students are required to sit for the compulsory BTEC entry test before official acceptance to undertake the BTEC Advanced Diploma in Oil and Gas.

BTEC Level 1 – Multi Skills Certificate in Oil & Gas Operations Engineering

Students in Level 1 shall be taught the basic Multi-Skill of operations in Oil and Gas in the Four (4) main disciplines – Mechanical, Electrical, and Process & Instruments. Apart from learning basic Engineering, additional curriculum such as English, Mathematics, Safety Health & Environment (SHE) and Industry 4.0 Fundamentals (I4F)  are also included in our syllabus. The duration of the course of 6 month shall comprise 70 percentages of classroom lectures and 30 percentage of in-house practical training.

BTEC Level 2- Intermediate Certificate in Oil & Gas Operations

In this level, students must possess BTEC Level 1 before they are accepted to progress Level 2. Students progressing to Level 2 shall be choosing a specific discipline of their choice where they will be specialized in. The duration of the course is 6 month and shall comprise 70 percentage of practical work and 30 percentage of lectures. In this level, students are to generate their unit portfolios for all practical assignments as per assessment criteria by BTEC. The students’ portfolios shall be subject to assessment by certified BTEC assessors before verification by BTEC verifiers. These portfolios are then externally verified by BTEC UK external verifiers for their competency prior to award of BTEC Level 2 intermediate certificate.

BTEC Level 3 – Advanced Diploma in Oil & Gas Operations

Students with BTEC Level 2 intermediate certificate shall be accepted to undertake their final semester or BTEC Advanced Diploma. The duration of this level is 6 months and shall also comprise 70 percentage of practical work with our industrial partners in their Oil and Gas facilities such as Offshore or Onshore production fields. Students are required to generate all their unit portfolios for assessment by industrial line trainers such as PETRONAS, SHELL, KPOC, HIBISCUS, MURPHY and other major operators in the Oil and Gas industry. These portfolios are then verified by BTEC UK external verifiers. Each student will be individually assessed and interviewed by BTEC UK external verifiers before certification on competency and award of BTEC Advanced Diploma in Oil & Gas.

The duration of program will be 18 – 21 months.

Core Stem Academy is collaborating with MINTRA GROUP by engaging and providing training experience in form e-learning to meet the needs of the students and giving them the accessibility from anywhere. Our extensive online course catalogue includes e learning, classroom courses and blended courses meeting training requirements for selected industries. CSA is a appointed sole rights by MINTRA Group to provide e-learning training modules in the Asian Region.

Students will using the training portal for e learning or e classroom. By giving that kind of education , student will be able to access their learning opportunities day and night from every corner. Coursework material is highly interactive audio, video and textual format. We that in mind Core Stem Academy are progressing in redifining and restructing strategies in providing and delivering the content of Mintra’s Library via TRAININGPORTAL.

  1. SPM Leavers
  2. Diploma/Unemployed graduates in the related field
  3. Current workforce who wish to be reskilled for another job in Oil & Gas field.

There are a lot of job opportunities in the oil and gas industry. As a matter of fact, this industry employs millions of people around the world and different job titles and positions.

In view to the above, we believe that our proposed program of BTEC Advanced Diploma in Oil & Gas (Operations Technician) can be one of high demand courses among young Malaysians who wish to uplift their income and lives through quality education. By completing this program with Core Stem Academy:-

  1. Candidates will be placed in leading oil company with the rapidly growing Oil & Gas Industry within the country and globally.
  2. Candidates will be able to develop high skills and capabilities which are important for the Oil & Gas Industry.
  3. Candidates will be able to uplift their lives as well as rapid career development in the Oil & Gas Industry.