In 1991, Vision 2020 was implemented and one of its goals was to establish a scientific and innovative society. To take a closer look at the goals, the Malaysian Education Blueprint was initiated in 2011. One of the priorities identified in the master plan is STEM. STEM is an abbreviation highlighting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects in which students learn the skills to collect and review information (scientific research skills), assess and understand information (mathematical analysis skills) and determine how information can solve problems (engineering inventive skills ) using the technology available to them today.

STEM provides students with the opportunity to investigate the information provided to them to understand them based on their own experience; also known as contextual learning, by allowing students to build their own meaning and understanding of a field of study will reinforce their learning.

STEM also makes learning more relevant as students are exposed to what they are learning based on the current situation and the real world. By facilitating and asking the right questions, educators can stimulate students to include data, identify, compare, predict and test activities in their investigations as well as fostering problem-solving skills.

Our core technology, “mySTEMLogic” is a recent Visual Programming Tool of IR4.0, was established primarily to Research and Develop Digital STEM resources for Learning and Teaching for STEM education. Currently our resources are being used by schools, polytechnics, institutions and universities globally to deliver STEM training and workshops for their students and educators.

Our resources are developed based on research pedagogy in line with National STEM Alliance of New York, tested and currently being used among others. Students who pursue our program can obtain certification from our Research center, Core Stem Academy which is located in the Bay area of Silicon Valley, San Francisco USA, the Tech capital of the world.


We aim to develop successful skilled and innovative citizen by our proven methods of STEM education.


To provide every citizen with the opportunity to continue to learn and reach their potential to lead fulfilling and productive lives and to contribute positively to the nation.

To ignite student’s interest in exploring and innovating with endless activities and project exploration.

Our inspiration is to set the stage for a unique culture of hands-on activity and minds-on engagement. Students and Educators will be indulging in a joyful process of Brainstorming, experimenting, tinkering, investigating, and inventing while using our STEM Learning & Teaching package and Activity modules.

We aspire to create a new pipeline of future engineers and scientists for fields vital to the future. We believe it is essential to capture the imagination and curiosity of students from the start of their education: to introduce cutting edge concepts with Learning and Teachings activity modules to engage their inventiveness and creativity, while at the same time building a solid foundation incritical 21st-century skills and Industrial Revolution 4.0.

  • JAmCSiiX 2017 Gold & Best of The Best Awards
  • Indes 2017 Gold & Best of The Best and Diamond Awards
  • IIDC 2017 – Hong Kong Gold & Diploma Awards
  • IIDEX 2017 @ UiTM, Malaysia | Gold Awards
  • IYIA 2017 @ Jakarta, Indonesia | Gold Awards