When heavy rain caused Kelantan’s rivers to breach their banks, flood water killed 21 people and drove more than 200,000 people out of their homes in December 2014.

To Protasco Berhad (PB ), these communities were not people in-flung unfamiliar places
Everyone knew someone who was affected, in towns and villages connected by the network of roads maintained by PB’s subsidiary Roadcare(M) Sdn Bhd. Protasco Group immediately organised flood relief convoys to bear urgently needed aid.

Together with the Public Work Department (JKR), Protasco’s convoy delivered more than Rm 50,000 worth in food, water and other essentials to flood victims on 29 an 30 December 2014.

When the water receded, the Group’s effort did not. The company decided it had to help rebuild homes too.
In June, Protasco Group collaborated with EPIC Homes, an NGO, to build three houses in Kampung Teranek, Gua musang, an isolated Orang Asli settlement four hours’ drive from Kota Bharu.

In July 2015, it began work on three more houses, each in Kampung Kolam Mas, Kampung Sg Terah and Kampung Batu Papan, also in Gua Musang Kelantan.
Upholding its mission to build and support sustainable communities, the Protasco Berhad Group, plans to assist those whose houses were damaged beyond repair in Kelantan and other state.

“We made a commitment to give back to our community. This is the role we choose to play in the community and we seek to improve it by integrating their needs into our operations for the betterment of the society,” said Dato’ Sri Muzaffar Syah Abd Rahman Managing Director, Construction & Maintenance Divisions, Protasco Berhad, during a handover ceremony at

Roadcare also provided physical assistance to staff who were affected in addition to the financial aid of up to RM 110,000 provided by the company for the affected staff.

Protasco Help s A Malacca Family in Need

Bandar Hilir, Melaka ( Oktober 2015 : Chang Jee Kee gets little rest or peace of mind. At 62 he must care for a mentally-ill wife and a blind teenage son with Down Syndrome.

A former ground instructor at the Malaysian Flying Academy, he has no income and has spentwhat savings he had on his family. Chang’s neighbours say that at night they hear him tapping away on his old typewriter, drafting appeals to numerous charities and other bodies for help.

One of Chang’s letters has now been answered when he received RM10,000.00 in financial assistance from Roadcare (M) Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of infrastructure and property group Protasco Berhad.

“I’m thankful that Roadcare heard my call for help ,” said Chang in the Banda HIlir flat which is home to him his wife Serena an son Raphael.
Chang was employed by the Malaysian Flying Academy in Malacca for ten years until December 1999, when he decided to leave the job to look after his family.

His second son, Raphael Chang Lin Hoe was born with Down Syndrome. As a tiny infant, he underwent abdominal and eye operations . He has also undergone a major surgery at IJN to repair a congenital heart detect.

Raphael is now 22.” Raphael is intellectually-challenged and totally disabled and totally blind,” Chang had written in his appeal letter to Roadcare.

Chang ‘s wife Serena Tan Gek Choo is unable to help with his care as she suffers from ill health. She is a regular patient with Hospital Melaka since 1988 and needs daily does of medication to remain stable. Chang must take her to Hospital Melaka for check-ups every three to four months. Tan also suffers.