The Company?s Team Enhancement Programs have been designed to improve organizational performance and achieve goals by changing, developing and improving the individual skills, attitude and enhance teamwork. The program is also a process of creating and developing a greater sense of cooperation, communication and interaction between team members that work together as a team to enhance the Company?s performance and growth.

The general objective of this program is to strengthen the existing team in the organization and to enhance the good rapport and relationship with our clients and to build and achieve high performance teams. It also stresses on the “Spirit of One” and encourage team members to realize and re-align their personal goals to match the team and organizational goals.

Since the introduction of the program since 2013, a total of 320 staff had participated and had shown improvement in terms of team spirit and change in attitude in the workplace. It has also shown positive response among all levels of staff as it has enabled them to work better as a team.

The 9th Series of the Team Enhancement Program was successfully conducted from 26th to 28th February 2016 at the Lexis Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. A total of 48 participants; staff from all levels and positions from all Regions and Head Office were involved in the program.

Jointly organised by Human Resource Department and Special Functions Division, the program was facilitated by Tuan Syed Abu Bakar Al Jamalullail of Tinta Strategy Sdn Bhd, a leading organisation in professional corporate training and team building. And to further enhance the program, two senior officials from the Ministry of Works and JKR were also invited to deliver an in-depth briefing, talk and knowledge sharing on the Company?s operations, quality management and ways to improve work performance.